April 8, 2013

A second luxury offering from Parawa Estate launches overseas

Parawa Estate, located at the southern end of South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula, is releasing its latest luxury wine in Italy this week, aimed at the top echelons of the worldwine market.

The second of its ‘Classic Range’ – the 2008 Eden Grand Reserve Syrah will retail on release at US$800 a bottle. The wine will be launched at Vinitaly, Europe’s biggest wine event, in Verona.

The boutique company stormed onto the world scene last year with the release of the most expensive Australian wine ever (on release) with the Ingalalla Grand Reserve 2007. This ‘Bordeaux style blend’ was released to the world media at Vinitaly 2012 with sales being made to the top tiers of wine buyers in Europe and Asia.

The 2008 Eden Grand Reserve Syrah will be Australia's most exclusive Syrah, a serious investment-grade wine that the makers consider to be an equal of many of the greatRhone Valley wines, most also marketed around USD $800 per bottle.

In a blind tasting held by Winestate magazine in 2011, the Eden was awarded five starsalongside the 2006 Penfolds Grange, both achieving higher scores than the 2007 GuigalChateau Ampuis, 2007 Paul Jaboulet la Chapelle and 2007 Chapoutier L’Ermite.

Only 2,400 bottles will be produced and the next vintage is not expected until middecade. Like its sibling, it will not be released in the Australia or New Zealand markets.

Background: Parawa founder and owner, Peter Simic decided a decade ago to worktowards creating a special range of unique, very limited volume, world-class wines. With long established connections to the ‘top end’ of the industry from vineyard toproduction, he has spared no expense in the selection of fruit and meticulous productionfor his extra fine wines.

Some controversy in Australia accompanied last year’s limited release of the Ingalalla Grand Reserve 2007, with its relatively high price structure and Peter’s stated intention for these wines to be judged against the world’s best – overseas. “I refuse to have these wines regarded as less than some of the greatest red wines in the world,” he said. “Inblind tastings involving Masters of Wine, they have held their own or surpassed some ofthe iconic names, recognised by wine aficionados.”

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